Subject: Responses to Rome question
Ziners, I appreciate all of you who responded to my question on Rome -- from the Vatican to the Coliseum. I thought you might like to know what we've tentatively decided to do.

We're going to stick with the ship-sanctioned transportation from and to the ship, as we know if something happens on the long drive back, the ship will wait for us. Otherwise, they won't -- so it's worry-free insurance. The shore excursion includes a half-day tour -- of what, I don't know, as it's a bit ambiguous. In one part they say, "Once in Rome, you will be dropped off at a designated point to explore or shop on your own and have fun in the Eternal City. The guide will advise you at what time to meet again to continue the tour. Then they go on to tell you to visit the attractions at the Vatican, including St. Peter's. Then it says: "Continue by walking to the Coliseum..........., etc. Then, "Re-board the bus for the ride back to the ship."

Under "Note," it says: "An escort will be on the coach during the trip to/from Rome, and a local guide will be met once in Rome for the half-day guided portion of the tour. (Tour includes approximately 2.5 hours of independent exploration.)"

As you can see, this is very confusing. We had first interpreted it to mean the guided tour was at the Vatican, but now I'm wondering if part is at the Vatican and part is at the Coliseum. All I know is that the musts for us, even if we have to leave the guided tour and meet back at the bus at the Coliseum for the ride back to the ship, are the Sistine Chapel, the Coliseum, and the Forum. I've e-mailed Royal Caribbean for more information on the tour.

Another thing, as I have suggested to my son and daughter, is to do the Ancient Rome 3-hour walking tour through the EnjoyRome travel company. They have an excellent website, and the walking tour sounds great and includes a lot of extra places besides the Forum and Coliseum, such as the Capitolene Hill, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and Piazza Navona.

Have any of you used EnjoyRome and/or done this walking tour? I would love to hear from you if you have.

Thanks so much. Diana San Diego, California