Subject: airplane travel risk

A few more suggestions to try to avoid a clot on the plane:

1) Walk for at least half an hour before getting on the plane. I read in PREVENTION that walking for at least half an hour every other day helped the body create its own TPA (clot buster).

2) Talk with your doctor about support hose to wear on the plane. These come in varying strengths so get your doctor to recommend the appropriate one for you.

3) Start, if you have no problems or medications that would argue against it, taking a baby aspirin each day.

4) Talk with your doctor about whether giving yourself heparin (an anticoagulant and a prescription drug) shots before (and during if it's a really long flight) is warranted.

5) Drink lots of water on the plane. Dehydration increases the stickiness of your blood.

6) And, as Annabelle and Bill suggest, walk around on that plane.