Subject: Re: South America
Dear Minna:

While we have been to Buenos Aires a couple of times, it was some years ago, so I am certain you can get more contemporary information from others. All I want to say is that it is a wonderful, exciting city and, at that time, it was safe at all hours. Since their economic crisis, that may have changed. P.S. In B.A. don't forget to go to as many of the tango clubs as you can, and the district of San Anselmo (San' Telmo(?, sorry my memory is fading) is particularly colorful. Also the old Italian district called La Boca.

But, with reference to Iguassu Falls, Barbara and I loved it, and also believe its a must -see. We chartered a helicopter flight over the falls, which is spectacular. As for Rio, it is even more important not to go out alone at night, but it is a very exciting city with much music, if you are careful.

Don in L.A.