Subject: South America
Hi, Minna. I go very often to both Buenos Aires and Montevideo because I have family in these cities. You will not regret visiting the Iguazu Falls. Your best bet is to stay in the Hotel Sheraton Iguazu because of its location right inside the National Park of the Falls ( in the Argentine side). Two days would be in my opinion the minimum time to stay there, three is even better.

If you tell me more what to do enjoy doing in a city and the time of year of your visit I shall try to tell you what is worth doing in Buenos Aires. Anyway it is a cosmopolitan city with an active cultural life, many excellent restaurants and hotels, theaters, a great Opera Theatre, the Colon, shopping, and much, much more. Tango is king and there are several tango shows with or without dinner. I like Santiago but I do not know the city that good. Montevideo I know it well in case you might be interested.

Both cities Montevideo and Buenos Aires offer real bargains for tourists with dollars or Euro because of recent devaluation of their currencies. This makes them even more attractive.

Graziella Miami Beach