Subject: Re: airplane travel- health risk
Good evening, Ziners,

I agree with Annabelle and Bill and, in fact, just warned a very dear friend of mine about this hazard. She is flying on Tuesday from Toronto-Munich and her usual mode of travel is to take a sleeping pill when she gets on board and sleep until she arrives. She was bemoaning the fact that she had an aisle seat and not a window. In any event, we had lunch on Thursday and I cautioned her about getting up and walking about, drinking lots of water and doing footsie exercises. I also told her that now she had an aisle seat, she did not have any excuses not to get up.

We are flying to Mexico in early February and I already have aisle seats booked for both of us across from each other which is our favoured method of seating. With very arthritic knees which tend to "lock", it is very necessary for me to get up and move around and I don't want to inconvenience my seatmates.

Pat in Ontario, Canada