Subject: Re: airplane travel- health risk
Hi, Annabelle and Bill in Ontario and Ziners, I always advocate at least doing foot exercises if you're going to be sitting for a long time on a plane. A simple one was taught to me by my doctor -- Using your big toe, "write" the alphabet in cursive while your foot is slightly lifted from the floor. Do it with each foot. It's a great circulation exercise. I usually don't get up too often, as I always request a window seat, and I don't like to disturb people sitting next to me unless I have to use the toilet. I also wear compression stockings. I was given a great pair at the hospital in Paris last year.

Another health hazard to flying is coming down with a virus that's floating around in the re-circulated air. I normally take Airborne when flying.

I sure wish there was a better way to get around other than on airplanes!

Diana San Diego, California