Subject: Re: Rome: St. Peter's to Coliseum?
Hi Diana, It is all relative. In Oct. the lines will be shorter than in the height of the season ( May- Sept & all hollidays) but longer than in August which is a slow time in most of Europe. That said you should know that "short" lines at the Vatican will be at least 20 -30 minutes and there are always people going to the Vatican. Just sometimes there are many more. Add another 30 minutes for getting to the Sistene Chapel and at least 30 to see it. Until you see it you cant Imagine how huge Vatican City is. St. Marks square does hold 100's of thousands of worshipers so picture that. If i could relate it to S.D. I would say all of downtown would easily fit inside the Vatican, maybe twice over. It is several ( 10 or more) city blocks long by many wide. Wear good shoes too. Roman streets are murder on the feet. Buon Fortuna,

David USA