Subject: Re: Rome: St. Peter's to Coliseum?
Diana, We were in Rome in October, and the lines were short (less than 5 minutes) at the Vatican Museum and St. Peter's and longer at the Coliseum (about 15-20 minutes) and non- existant at the Forum. But this was in 2001 just after 9/11, so probably not a true picture.

We used Rick Steve's museum guide MONA WINKS for touring all of those places (and many others) and have found it excellent. It points out so many fascinating things I would have missed on my own. It also gives you the freedom to spend more time with what interests you most, which you can't do with a guide or guided tour. It helps you not miss the "biggies" at huge places like the Vatican Museum, but gets you through before your eyes glaze over and your feet give out. Angie (KS)