Subject: Blood clots & viruses on board
Hi Ziners,

We discovered Travel Sox before our last trip, ordered them for nearly everyone in our group, and everyone commented that their feet did not swell during the long, long flights we were on. You can get them from Travel Smith, or directly from These socks are not just to prevent your feet from swelling, they are compression socks, to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which of course, is the cause of blood clots. They are much more comfortable that the really tight ones such as the hospital gives you.

Referring to Diana's terrible experience with the virus on board, I used to always come home from a trip with a cold or something worse. I bought one of those air purifiers that you hang around your neck and it ionizes the air you breathe - or so it says. Does it work? I have no idea. I have read that it does not. But I have never had another cold (or worse) after a flight, and that's been several trips overseas.

We're leaving for Russia tomorrow - I know, great timing - and you can be sure I'm taking my TravelSox and my air ionizer/purifier with me. What have I got to lose?