Subject: Re: South America
Hello Minna and other Ziners!

Iguazu Falls are not to be missed regardless of what side (the Brazilian or Argentinian) side you choose to see it from.

Buenos Aires is an extremely cosmopolitan ciy. Beautiful in its architecture. They consider themselves the "Paris of South America". Lots of things to do. Not to miss is San Telmo where you can go antiquing. Puerto Madero has the hippest and best restaurants though any restaurant will offer you great meat and pasta (lots of italians here). A tango bar is also a must as Don suggests. However, excercise caution when you go out. It is not as safe as it once was. There are "remises", cabs/limos you call to come and pick you up which your hotel will probably recommend. It is also a shopping haven.

Rio is not what you call the safest. One of the most beautiful cities I know it also has great contrasts of extreme poverty (favelas) and wealth next to each other which always creates unsafe conditions. I haven't been there in a while but stories abound.

Enjoy your trip! Lidia (in LA)