Subject: Re: Who is right? A problem with Delta Airlines

Basically the same thing happened to my wife and me in Raleigh-Durham when a United Express flight to Chicago didn't make it from Chicago. All other airlines with flights to Raleigh-Durham from Chicago didn't seem to have any problems getting to Raleigh-Durham except ours. United Express wasn't the least bit concerned about stranding us in Raleigh-Durham for the night, forcing us to scramble for a hotel room and meals until the following day. They booked us for the next day, but used the "inclement weather" bit to relieve themselves of any responsibility for our "forced" over night stay. Additionally, United Express staff at the gate told us that if we returned to the counter downstairs they would provide us with vouchers for meals and a hotel room at discount which turned out merely to be a ploy to get rid of us without causing a scene. We did go to the courtesy counter at the airport in the lower level where someone helped us get transportation and a room, where the hotel upon hearing our story generously gave us a discounted room. We learned that weather is a tool often employed by airlines to relieve themselves of the responsibility for stranding passengers.

Sam Crescent City, CA