Subject: Re: Who is right? A problem with Delta Airlines.

When I was flying over to London with United, they had overbooked an early morning flight by twenty people. This had a domino effect throughout the day. This is how I ended up in first class from the economy ticket that I got from a student travel agency. The people who were bumped or missed flights because of the delay were offered monetary compensation. Many of the people, that I talked to in my long delay, got six hundred dollars the first time they choose to change flights or were bumped because of the problem.

I love Delta would never fly another airline again. My parents use Delta also and anytime a connection was missed and it was a problem that was out of the control of the passenger, they offered vouchers to stay at hotels and meals. I do not know that because there have been such wide spread problems, that Delta changed how they handle these issues (with the hurricane that came through). I have also learned the kindness of the attendant at the desk has a lot to do with how helpful they can be getting these vouchers. I would keep my receipt and contact Delta and see if you can get reimbursed. This really doesn't sound like Delta. I have flown with them for five years now and have always been very happy with the service I received from them.

Good Luck, Tammy - Columbus, OH