Subject: Re: Costa Rica

My daughter and three other girls went to Costa Rica after college graduation. None of the girls was interested in the resort vacation, so this message may or may not be useful to you. They all arrived on different airlines at different times on the same day and they booked their first night at a small hotel that provided airport transportation. These girls rented a Toyota 4 runner and drove all over the country, getting their rooms as they went. They did say the roads could be bad in places and flooded in places but they really had no problems. They found the people to be really friendly and helpful. Some of the rooms or cabins they stayed in probably weren't the best, but they had a blast. The country has a little bit of everything, jungle, fantastic beaches etc. One major tip: bring and use a good insect repellent, absolutely vital. I might add that my daughter is fluent in Spanish and lived for half of the year in El Salvador, so she was very comfortable. But even without the Spanish, she said you would be great. Costa Rica is the most stable and safe of the Central American countries. My daughter wants us all to go again. She said it is the perfect vacation spot. The resorts are really beautiful and the people are a delight.

Lynne Padilla Gig Harbor, Wa