Subject: Re: Who is right? A problem with Delta Airlines.

Sadly, Delta did not have to compensate your daughter for the costs of the overnight in Atlanta, as the rules for compensation specifically exclude weather delays. It is also generally a tactic these days to get the passenger out of the area where weather is bad (Miami, in this case) because it might get worse.

From the airline perspective, this makes sense: get people out of the problem airport. From the passenger perspective, it would make more sense to stay at home & try the next day.

Altho it is not her fault that they flew her to Miami, Delta thinks it is not their fault there was a hurricane. If she had refused to take the delayed flight, knowing that she'd get stuck in Atlanta, Delta might have allowed her to re- schedule the trip the next day without penalty. The airlines at this point do not have a required set of guidelines for ticket changes due to hurricanes or other huge weather problems, so each airline makes it's own policies. Since the hurricane threat became so real, the airlines have announced change policies that have changed at least 3 times!

Gail In Eugene but never for long