Subject: Las Vegas Hotels
Hi Ziners, I'm looking for advice on choosing a hotel in Vegas. It will just be for two nights - the night we arrive from the airport and then, 3 days later, the night before we fly out. Looking for something very affordable on the Strip (we'll need two rooms). As no one else in our party has ever visited there before we wanted to walk around a bit and thought the Strip would make the most sense. I found four possibilities on and wanted to find out which would be the best alternative. The Stratosphere at $50/night Circus Circus at $50/night The Stardust at $67/night Boardwalk at $70/night There were other spots in the Freemont St. area too...any opinions on the Strip vs. Freemont St.? I've only been to the Strip and it was during a convention (got to stay at the Bellagio which is way out of my price range!) How about shuttle service from the airport to the hotel area? I know it's much would one expect to spend for a one way ride? Thanks so much, Jennie in a VERY wet Atlanta