Subject: Re: North America to Australia
Hi Lesley:

Three years ago, we travelled to Australia via New Zealand.

Air New Zealand is a wonderful airline and is partnered with Air Canada. Although we went with Aeroplan points, Air New Zealand is often advertising "deals" from Toronto. We flew Toronto to L.A. via Air Canada, Air New Zealand from L.A. to Auckland and on to Sydney (about 3 additional hours). Going home was from Sydney direct to L.A. (no stopover in New Zealand) then on to Toronto via Air Canada again. It was a great trip. We chose to spend a 2 week stop over in New Zealand which was wonderful. If you decide to go that way and you have time, I would encourage you to stop and experience New Zealand. The country is sensational, the people super friendly, and the lamb is outstanding.

There are 2 travel agencies in Toronto which seem to specialize in in the area: Renaissance Travel (they also do France and Italy, I believe) and Pacesetter Travel. Both are on Avenue Rd. I'm sure that either can find you the least expensive way to get to Sydney.

Good luck Minna Toronto