Subject: Re: Montreal
Hi Ziners & Judy,

It would be very sad for your friend to miss out on the beauty of Montreal. Not only the different cultures provided, such as Chinatown, in downtown montreal, but Greek area for really great inexpensive "bring your own wine or beer" restaurants on Prince Arthur. There are so many different things to do even one who does not like to travel alone would love it. Shopping - certainly that is something one can do alone. Touring Old Montreal and its cathedrals, is something else easily done alone. They have great bus tours one can take. And if all this does not appeal to your friend, how about staying at the hotel Bonaventure where one can go into the outdoor heated pool on top of the building where it seems you are in another world. The prices for hotels can be higher if she knows where to find good eateries for not much cash. Hope you can be convincing.

Diane from Ottawa but would love to live in Montreal