Subject: Re: Who is right? A problem with Delta Airlines
Hi Gail,

Thank you very much for your input regarding the limited responsibility of airlines in delayed flights and lost connections due to bad weather.

I can see the way they play this to their benefit. When they left Miami there was not bad weather but flights as a whole were delayed because of the hurricane days before. My daughter hoped to get in time and get the plane for Barcelona in Atlanta but the flight was further delayed before landing making it impossible.

So she had to pay for the hotel and food in Atlanta. Next day the weather began to deteriorate in Atlanta, for this reason and because she was in a hurry to get to Europe because of her work, she asked and she got a change of itinerary.

They flew her to La Guardia, from there a friend took her to JFK and lunch too, and she arrived three hours earlier to Barcelona (than the Atlanta-Barcelona flight) no luggage of course. Ziners, if you have read this a guess there is a lesson for all of us, do not get in a plane if you are going to be late for a connection.

Graziella, Miami Beach.