Subject: Re: North America to Australia
Greetings Ziners,

We make the long trip from the west coast of California to eastern Australia at least once a year. If we are flying on our miles for upgrades, we use United. The problem with that airline is that it only flies into Sydney on the east coast. That means routing problems and layovers, which can be lengthy.

If we are flying on dollars, we fly Qantas. Qantas is NOT expensive (if you are willing to fly coach) and does fly to Brisbane. We like to fly to "Brissie", because it is closer to our home in Australia. Try looking at this site: It has lots of specials for flights from all over America to several cities in Australia and New Zealand.

L.A. to Brissie, for example, is $798, roundtrip! September 1 to December 8 are the required flight dates. We have even seen this flight for under $700. Honest. Just keep checking this site for the 'specials' for your travel dates.

Happy and safe traveling. Marghe and Marty in Coral Cove, Queensland.