Subject: Re: Hotels in Siena

All the small hotels were full so we were directed to the Hotel Athena. I thought it was not going to work because I saw some kind of group registering but at the end of the day we loved it. It helped that they put us on the 8th floor that has lovely rooms that they save for independent travelers. The view of Tuscan fields was beautiful. The hotel is a typical 4 stars. We parked our car in a free parking area belonging to the hotel, some kind of an inside patio. The location of the hotel was also good because it is located inside the walls at a very short walk from the Duomo. Buffet breakfast was excellent. They serve it in different breakfast rooms. We asked for and had the privilege to have breakfast before the assigned group would reach the breakfast room. So breakfast was quiet and pleasant. I am sure there are many quaint small hotels but as I said we had a delightful stay in the Hotel Athena.

Graziella, Miami Beach.