Subject: Re: Hamlet's Castle Kronberg in Denmark
Hi Bettina and other Ziners -- whenever I hear mention of Hamlet's castle, I have to chuckle. I can't tell you whether it's worth visiting, but our attempt to visit it was one of the more memorable days of our trip to Europe in December of 1978.

We were staying for a few days with my husband's cousin in Lund, Sweden. She lent us her car so that we could drive up to take the ferry across to Denmark to visit the castle. We'd driven for half an hour when we realized that my husband had forgotten his passport and had to go back for it. While driving, it became obvious that the heat in the car was not working -- a problem in Sweden in December. We stopped to buy blankets to keep us warm. When we got to the ferry (memory eludes me as to the name of the city), we had just missed one and had to wait another hour. When we finally arrived at the castle, it was 3pm and getting dark. The castle had just closed for the day! I did get some nice pictures of the ducks on the ice in the moat, though.

Landra in Columbia County, NY