Subject: To rent a car in Geneva (French Zone)
Hi Ziners,

Thank you Andrew and Evan ,

I am planing to rent the car in Geneva Airport (French Zone) leaving right away towards Dijon. I hope this can be done without buying a Swiss sticker for expressways. Because we are going to need a car in Dijon anyway to visit the countryside and some places like the Abbey of Fontenay it seems a reasonable idea to drive from Geneva to Dijon.(( In train it takes three/four hours. With a Senior Decouvert Deux cost =114 Euro First Class,80 Euro Second class while renting a car for three days ( minimum) only 160 dollars. Also on the minus side there are not direct trains between Geneva and Dijon. If you know how to drive to Dijon from the Airport without infringing Swiss law and not buying the sticker please let me know. Thank you,

Graziella, Miami Beach