Subject: Re: Bangkok in October
Hello again Patti and Ziners,

I don't really think a week is too long in Bangkok, especially if you take a few day trips out of the city. I do however think there is not sufficient time to visit Angkor Wat. With a day to get there and settled into a hotel, 1 or maybe 1.5 days to see the temples and back to Bangkok.

I considered a 4 visit day including two travel days when we went to Myanmar a couple of years ago and decided it was too rushed. Mind you we like to spend at least 5 days to a week at any given location. If you think you may never pass that way again then maybe go for it.

We are newly retired and off to backpack SEA for several months in January. I can hardly wait to revisit Vietnam, and introduce Tony to Myanmar. Cambodia and Laos will be new to both of us. If anyone out there has travelled in Cambodia or Laos, I would appreciate hearing from you, especially with regards to an itinerary and suggested lengths of stay at each location.

Sue Waterloo,Ontario