Subject: Re: Trip notes from Tropical North Queensland

Very interesting report. Many thanks. I'm printing it up for future visits. Thanks for the websites too.

We have stayed at the Silky Oaks Lodge in the Daintree Forest 3 times, most recently this past January and I just love the area. It's nicer and a bit cooler than Port Douglas itself., though we really enjoy some of the Port Douglas restaurants like Nautilus, Salsa and 2Fish.

I've never stayed in Cairns itself, we usually just land there and then drive to the Daintree. However, you've given me some food for thought about staying there and seeing some the of area around it. The hot air balloon sounds especially appealing.

We've done the train/cable car to Kuranda and to be honest, found it a bit boring. The view from the cable car is certainly lovely and the old train and its tracks have interesting moments, but Kuranda itself we found to be a huge disappointment . . . just kind of a tacky tourist town selling trinkets and ice cream.

Again, thanks for all the great information.

Candice/NYC (in Paris now)