Subject: Re: To rent a car in Geneve (French zone)

I returned a Hertz rental car to the French sector at the airport in Geneva last year. (I had rented the car in Paris.)

We were confused at first, but once we knew what to do, it was an easy process. Mistakenly, we drove into the Swiss side of the airport, because we didn't know then that there was a French sector. We parked in the Swiss Hertz garage, and walked into the terminal and up to the Hertz desk. There, the service person gave us easy directions (with an airport map) to guide us to the French sector to return the car.

The French sector is across a road from the main terminal, and it is well marked. If you drive into the airport looking for the French sector, you shouldn't have any trouble finding it without a trip to the Swiss side first! There is a footbridge across to the main terminal.

Kay, Fairfax, VA