Subject: Day trip to Canterbury (and more about London)
Dear Candice,

I hope to be able to help you a little bit.

The ride to Canterbury takes around 1 hour and a half. Trains to Canterbury leave from Victoria and from Charing Cross. In Canterbury there are two train stations, both near the town, Canterbury East and Canterbury West. Victoria trains go to Canterbury East, while Charing Cross trains go to Cantebury West. I opted for Victoria because I was told that it was bit more interesting (regarding landscape), you go across Rochester and you can see lots of orchards (and a glimpse of the cathedral once you get near Canterbury.

The price is more or less the same if you are travelling before 9:30 am or after. A Day Saver ticket will run up to 17,40 pounds. I found that the queues were huge, and I opted for buying the ticket at one of the automatic machines. Quicker, and I had time to grab the papers, a cup of coffee and a croissant to go.

Once in Canterbury, you can reach easily everything walking. From Canterbury East you will walk over the main road onto the city walls (nice walk over them, turn to your right and you will walk along the Dane John Garden, and then near the bus station you walk down into the city. In order to know how to move in the city, I printed out the Canterbury map from their official website :

The Canterbury Visitor Centre organizes guided visits around the city. I couldnīt join one of them (I missed them for half an hour), but they looked interesting enough. Check their timetable and prices at the Canterbury website.

The historical river tour was not too bad, but I would only get on it if the weather was fine enough :

I didnīt buy the photography permission at the cathedral. I wasnīt sure if I was going to be able to get decent pictures, so I preferred to buy postcards :) Apart from the obvious (the martyrdom place, the crypt, the tomb of the Black Prince ...), I was deeply moved by the book near the Twentieth Century Martyrs Chapel.

Regarding lunch, I went to a chain italian restaurant called ASK because they had outside tables and the weather was great. Well, food was fine, and the first waitress was very nice, but trying to get my coffee and the bill was a real nightmare. The guy in charge of that was a complete disaster.

And about London, the District and Circle lines have been closed for engineering works on weekends. Check it once youīre there.

And Iīd like to recommend the ROH restaurant for lunch, or simply have a coffee overlooking Covent Garden. Pretty good.

Rgds, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain