Subject: Profiterolles & oh those French
Hello Candice and Ziners,

I think your experience with the kitchen staff concerning the profiterolles has to do with the unfortunate case that nowadays few restaurants make their own profiterolles. They buy them ready made, including the chocolate sauce. So you have one package of Rose-scented icecream with its chocolate sauce or another flavor with its designated amount of sauce. Very hard for them to add or separate. Unless you go to a very upscale restaurant or to the Alsace where they take pride in making home-made desserts.

Same for French fries. Seldom do you find a regularly priced restaurant where they make those themselves. It's easier and more economical for them to use the congelateur. Alas. Best place for fries is still the stands in Belgium.

Greetings from today a very wet Provence. But boy, do we need the rain!

Frieda Lekkerkerker