Subject: Garden route in South Africa
Hi Ziners,

My daughter and I are leaving for Port Elizabeth on December 25th for a 9 day trip. We will be landing in P.E. and want to rent a car and drive to Cape Town to arrive there on New Years Eve. At a very weak moment I offered to pay for all of our accommodations. Given the Dollar versus the Rand and the fact it is Christmas vacation and high season in S.A. I am having problems planning the trip. Where are the nicest places to stop on the way. Do any of you know some reasonable accommodations $100 or less per night? Any must see, regardless of cost, sights? Any car rental companies that are better than others, I plan to drop off the car in Cape Town. I have booked a room in Sea Point, <> because that is the area where everyone else from my family is staying. We are going to celebrate my sister-in-laws 60th birthday in Cape Town She and my brother as well various friends and relatives are flying in from Sweden.

Any and all suggestions are most welcome. Fanny in NYC