Subject: Re: Where did you find the best pastry?
Ahhhh Graziella, Such a divine topic.

New York: Little Italy on Mott Street just north of canal a place called La Bella Ferrara for "Lobster Tails" This is a flakey lobster tail shaped item stuffed with pastry cream. They have been great for over 30 years. Veneto Pastry shop on 9th st. near 1st ave, get anything.

Lisbon: Actually Belem, "Pastis De Belem" Custardy little tarts. Only get them at "Pastis De Belem" Original near the Cathedral.

Scano Italy: Gli Archetti, without any hesitation this was the finest cannoli I have ever eaten!!! Fresh made shell and freshly stuffed with exquisite pastry cream.

Portugal: Any old bakery with a reputation, get the Millefluer. I had several that were great. 1000 layers of crust mixed with heaps of not too sweet whipped cream.

Greece: Any good Pattiserie will do. They do things with filo and nuts and honey that are perfect at 1 or 2 in the AM with strong black coffee after many hours of eating , drinking, talking, singing, dancing. A time when they are all full of locals doing the same.

This is just the top of the list, I could go on for hours but feel the need to go out for ice cream now.

Bon Appétit, David USA