Subject: Italy questions from new member in Spain
Hi ziners

My name Is Asier Arriaga, i am from Spain, more concretly from a town called San Sebastian, near the french frontier, and is an honour to be part of travelzine group.

I have work as a tour guide for along 4 years, and now I am the director of a travel company (I still make some tours , but normaly only to friends, so if any one of you want to come over this part feel free to contact me), My favorite area here is the French Basque Country , and for any question you can have about a visit here here I am.

Apart of that on October I am going to Italy, more concretly 2 days on venice (8th-10th) 2 days on florence(10th-12th) and 4 days on rome, where I have choose Hotel delle musee as you recomend on your Italian Itineraries.

It would be wonderful if anyone of you could give me a simple list of things i canīt miss on those 3 cities, i have a couple of guides of Italy, but because of my experience i always believe more a opinion of a person that have been there than a guide.

Thanks for all and I hope I can be useful for any travel you are planing to this area.

Best regards

asier arriaga San Sebastian - Spain