Subject: Re: Italy questions from new member in Spain
Hi Asier - welcome to TheTravelzine :)

Concerning Florence, Venice AND Rome - my best memories for each of them are from the areas off the beaten track. In Florence I found a nice open air restaurant where I chose some pasta for lunch, was served brilliantly and I began to enjoy the city. (Sorry, don't know anymore where it was, but I guess there are more than enough).

In Rome I had a similar experience on Campo dei Fiori where I watched the end of the morning market and the people passing by. The piazza kind of slowed down for siesta. Very relaxing.

And in Venice the best thing was a walk in the night after a heavy rain where simply no-one was around. Mystical. :)

So my best hint is - walk around the cities, enjoy what you see, perhaps talk with the people (if your italian allows). Of course there is much to see in all of those cities - but I would rather miss a big sight- seeing point in order to be able to stroll around the inner towns and - if available - some parks.

Greetings, Baerbel near Stuttgart