Subject: Yet another favorite pastry or two
Ziner foodies:

As I continued reading the pastry posts, I remembered two more favorites. The Sacristan, a long tube of flaky pastry filled with almond paste, with toasted almonds on top, which we first had in Saint-Rémy, and have since sought it out elsewhere - but the first remains the best one we've ever had. Then in Annecy, a pastry shop had a marvelous version of the ubiquitous Chausson aux Pommes. As the name suggests, this flaky rectangular pastry is usually filled with apples. In Annecy we found it filled with orange pastry cream, with candied orange peel on top. It was fabulous! We went back the next morning for another, and were SO disappointed to find the shop closed on Sunday. I've looked for unique chaussons since then, and have never found another like this. Almost worth a trip back to Annecy!!

Anne, who ate oatmeal for breakfast this morning...