Subject: Passport To Your National Parks
Hi Ziners,

Whenever my husband and I travel in the US we always make sure our copy of "Passport to Your National Parks" is close at hand. I purchased our copy at the Grand Canyon Visitors center the year Dave retired and we were going to be visiting nine national parks. It has proved to be the best souvenir we've ever had.

The Passport looks much like the real one, but is slightly larger. The cost is minimal, around $8. When you open it up you find it's divided into nine geographic travel regions, with each region identified by color throughout the book. The Passport contains maps, park information, and a listing of all the national park areas in America. An additional color-coded map is also provided showing all the states and where these parks are located so you can see the whole country at a glance.

Each color-coded region has a section in the Passport for the appropriate park cancellations. The first thing we do when entering a park is to head for the Visitor's Center to have the book stamped. This cancelation shows the name of the park and the date you were there. We've always found a counter where the stamp is located, along with an ink pad and scrap paper so you can practice a bit before actually stamping your book. It's nice to know that you're not doing it upside down. We get so much pleasure out of looking back to see the exact dates we visited places like Joshua Tree National Park, The Grand Canyon, Fort McHenry, etc., etc. In addition, each year a series of collectible Passport stamps is issued. There are 10 stamps on one sheet (one national and 9 regional) and they can be peeled off and placed in the designated areas in the Passport book. This year I purchased ($3.95) the 1988 series because it had Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, The White House, and Gettysburg National Military Park, all places we've visited in the past are stamped in our book.

The proceeds from the sale of Passports and stamps go to the National Park Service, so not only do they become wonderful souvenirs, but their purchase helps to protect our wonderful parks. When we head for Voyageurs NP this fall, you can be sure ours will be with us.

Gladys Buffalo, NY