Subject: Re: On A Budget In New York
Hi Sue, You've received some good suggestions from Molly and Linda about hotels. As a frequent visitor, here's my ideas.

We have stayed in the theatre district (at the Marriott, the Plaza and the Hilton) and thoroughly enjoyed being near Central Park, the big museums and the big stores. For many years, we stayed with family in Battery Park City and became familiar with the southern end of the island so now we choose Chelsea or Greenwich Village. We spend so little time in our hotel room that we prefer to be in a neighbourhood where we can be out and about - and away from the throngs of tourists - in areas where there are good local restaurants. The subway stops throughout these areas. One area we would not stay in is the East Village. I have nothing to base this on, but I don't feel particularly comfortable in the neighbourhood at night. Native New Yorkers may care to comment.

We love the Village and Chelsea because of the small restaurants and the small town feel in a big city. We are big-time walkers so think nothing of walking for hours to reach a destination - getting there really is half the fun. We plan our itineraries so that on one day we'll head "uptown" and visit the museums, Central Park, 5th Avenue etc., stopping for lunch and dinner in the area, then head back to our hotel, usually in a cab. Cabs are plentiful (except when it rains and in the theatre district after the plays let out) and cheap - at least we have found this.

We particularly like walking out our hotel door when in the Village and heading west to the park that hugs the Hudson River, walk down to Battery Park, over to the East Side, perhasp to the South Street Seaport and then up through Chinatown and Little Italy.

New York is such a fabulous city to visit and you will only touch the surface on your first trip.

Let us know what your particular interests are - theatre, shopping, museums, restaurants - and Ziners will chip in to help with an itinerary. The attractions are all over and you will find yourself "buzzing about" but each neigbhourhood has lots to offer. How many days will you be staying and what airport will you be flying into?

Lucy, Toronto