Subject: Re: On A Budget In New York
Hello Ziners:

What an embarrassment of information thank you everyone. I am working my way though all your wonderful suggestions. Our dates are fixed by the private fundraiser for the Foundation for the People of Burma. We have to be at the home of Lenore Migdal & Bill Lloyd 245 W. 107th Street, New York, NY. On Wednesday, September 29, at 6:30pm. Barbara returns from Quebec on Monday September 27th and I have to be home by Tuesday Oct. the 5th, so we have no flexibility. We arrive Wednesday morning at La Guardia around 8:15 and leave the following Monday at 6.30 pm, so we have the best part of 5 days to enjoy the best New York has to offer.

Mainly interested in Museums, Art Galleries and Theatre. Don't mind walking and of course we have to go to Central Park. Not great shoppers but will check out Bloomingdales! This is so exciting, all these names you mention, like Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Times Square, Broadway are only known to me through the movies or books, now I get to go.

We tend to eat and run on these city trips as there is always more to see than we have time for, so we don't need the sort of restaurant where you want to dally over a relaxing lunch or dinner.

Thank you everyone for your help. Regards, Sue Waterloo ON