Subject: Re: Ravello, Italy
Hi Don and Linda,

I had the good fortune of spending a week in Ravello a couple of years ago. It is indeed a gem. The article to which Pat Belanger referred , , gives an accurate and appealing description of Ravello. The article also gives a realistic idea of the challenges of the drive to get there. If you decide to bite the bullet and go, you will be rewarded with absolutely breathtaking scenery, the delightful ambiance of a town that is off the well- beaten track and ... some wonderful taste treats. I stayed at Hotel Rufolo, a four star property, which features good rooms with great views and respectable dining in their roof top restaurant or terrace. However, if you want a gourmet delight, have lunch (it's more affordable than dinner and the views from the terraces are a m a z I n g) at either Hotel Palumbo or Hotel Palazzo Sasso. I was fortunate to be able to enjoy all of the above in the time I spent in Ravello and don't hesitate to give an unreserved thumbs up.

Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone are certainly worth a visit AND should you be fortunate enough to time your visit with that of visiting musicians you could enjoy a concert in an absolutely incredible outdoor venue at Villa Rufolo. The audience faces a stage which is suspended from the cliff face. The Mediterranean Sea and a bigger-than-seems-possible skyscape are nature's backdrop.

I'm sending a few links below :

Hotel Rufolo

Hotel Palumbo

Hotel Palazzo Sasso

Happy travels. Lesley Toronto, Canada