Subject: NYC on a budget
Ziners, Budget is a subjective term. Expect to pay close to $150 and up for hotels in NYC with short notice. The east village is also a young sort of rough and tumble area, although much, much less than it was 10 years ago. Greenwich village ( The Village) is full of character with low rise buildings and 100's year old homes. Food is abundent in the Village. Gramercy Park is a nice area for lower priced business type hotels and near the subway. If you are good walkers than anywhere between Soho and Upper westside is OK to stay at. There are many B&B type agencies as well as short term apt rentals that will cost you less than a hotel most times. Theater, you will have to try TKTS for 1/2 price day of show tickets. At half price expect to pay $100 for two, more or less. You will want to go up to the Museum of Natural History and if Art is your thing go to the Met. These will give you a full day and are near each other at opposit sides of Central Park ( east and west). The new planetarium at the Natural History Museum is stunning!

As for cheaper eats NYC is king! Great pizza all over (Vinies, 72 & Bway, St Marks 2nd ave just N of 8th st specially for sicilian, any one of dozens of Mariealla Pizza all over). Chinatown for great, cheap chinese food, Greys Papaya for hot dogs and papaya drinks. On second ave just south of 8th st (also called st marks place) is my fav lunch breakfast in NY. The B&H! It is a NY style Dairy bar (vegetarian) with the best homemade soups, grilled cheese, blintzes, egg dishes. It is tiny and funky but really worth a visit. Also you can go to any number of bagel shops for a giant sandwich for about $6. When in the theater distract go to Carmines and sit in the bar area (you wont get a table in dining room) and order a Caeser salad and a plate of Calamari for about $25 and you may be able to eat again by the next day if you're not still too full. If you have questions or would like further info on specific places feel free to ask. Regards, David (born and raised NYC) California U.S.A.