Subject: GTG in Bilbao
Hello everybody,

Last Thursday I had a delightful evening with Howard and Jean, Ziners from Vancouver. We walked a bit into the Old Town, had a glass of txakoli (a white wine from the Basque Country that has improved A LOT during the last years) at the Victor Montes (I wanted to go to the Cafe Bilbao, but it was full), and then we had dinner at the Asador Guetaria: salad of marinated tuna and anchovies, tiny baby squids in batter (also known as embroideries), and entrecote for them, and monkfish with shrimps in a txakoli sauce. No dessert, and back home. A really balmy evening, around 19 degrees at 11:30 pm ... They have been really lucky with the weather all the way, and have had a great time.

We will have to wait for more until they return home, and I do hope the rest of their trip will be as good as it has been until now.

Bye, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain