Subject: Re: On A Budget In New York

What a wonderful suggestion, the Crystal Room in the Tavern on the Green. We hope to check it out when we're in NYC in November.

You have also suggested the bus tour. We've never done this but I would also recommend the Circle Line boat trip around Manhattan. We have done this twice and, even though we have been to NYC dozens of times, have learned so much about the Island on the boat. It takes about two hours and is time well spent. I had always begrudged this amount of time, believing that I could pass it doing other things. However, after the first trip, I realized that I learned so much about the City that it was well worth it. Here's the site:

There is so much to see and know about NYC that it would take a lifetime. For a start, I would recommend that visitors, who have the time before travelling there, rent the series by Ric Burns: NYC: A Documentary: New York. It's an historical look at the development of this wonderful city.

Can you tell I love this City? As soon as I win the lottery I'm moving there.

Lucy, Toronto