Subject: Re: Increased airline passenger screening in U.S.
Hello Ziners:

I was one of the lucky ones at the St. Louis airport on September 17th, who was "chosen" for the increased wanding and pat down. I was on a business trip and heading home to Seattle. Arrived at the St. Louis airport early in the morning. And the line was long.

Just about to walk through the security arch and the security person called out we need to wand her. I travel quite a lot for my work and I have found a tendency for the security people to send your laptop, purse and everything else through the x-ray screener before you are ready to walk through so I always politely say "please do not send it through until I am ready to walk through". This way I have my eye on my purse and my laptop the whole time. Well they did not like it when I said that.

I have been wanded before and patted down before. I was wanded like I had never been before. I had to stand with my arms out and my legs apart while she kept wanding me over and over. Then came the pat down. It was not just a pat down but more like touching. Honestly it made me feel violated. I was embarrassed as people were looking at me and wondering what I had done. Yes I realize we are in an era which security is important but you do not need to maul the person. I won't tell you what I said as I walked away but it really left a bad taste in my mouth.

Tracie in Seattle