Subject: Hong Kong - First Visit
Hello Ziners,

It's entirely your fault! Ever since I joined this group I've had a persistent case of wanderlust. You know the treatment: travel. I am going to need some more treatment.

I'm going to go to Hong Kong en route back from Sydney. I've never been there and I'll have three days to pack in as much as I can. As always, I am hoping experienced Ziners will assist me. (BTW Linda wondered whether I'd be able to see Ziner Judy while I'm there.)

My friend always stays at The Mandarin Hotel on Hong Kong Island and recommends it highly. It's on Victoria Harbour and the Star Ferry stop is steps away. If I were willing to bite the bullet to go 'first class' and stay at this hotel (after all it's only three nights :)) would I still be in a super location from which to access all the must-do's. And speaking of Hong Kong must do's ... would you share with this novice eastern traveller what must not be missed?

Thank you ever so much. Lesley Toronto, Canada