Subject: Re: Hong Kong - First Visit
Hi Lesley, It's great to hear that you are coming to HK - I'd love to have a GTG if I am in town. Please tell me the timing.

The Mandarin is one of the top hotels and their service is superb. It's close to the harbour and looks over the Star Ferry Pier on Hong Kong Island - with views of the Kowloon side of the harbour. Personally, I would recommend The Intercontinental (formerly The Regent) if you want to go first class. It has the same superb service but is right on the harbour (Kowloon side) and looks over the best city view - the tallest buildings and Victoria Peak on the Island side. Friends of our had a harbourview room for a special occasion and it was absolutely incredible. We always take newcomers to the bar in that hotel to see the view at dusk - there's nothing comparable (if the weather is clear).

I suggest that we talk privately about the price that you can get for the Mandarin and I'll see if I can get a better price through my travel agent. This is one city where sometimes (I underline that) - a local agent can get better deals for the top hotels than you can from a distance or through the internet (again - I underline the top hotels - not the others).

Both of these hotels - or any others that are close to the Star Ferry are superbly located for the main sites and...since the MTR (subway), KCRC (rail), and bus systems give us one of the best transportation systems in the world - it's very easy to get around the whole of the Special Administrative Region very easily. If you want to take a side-trip to Macau (1 hr by hovercraft) or Shenzhen in China (3/4 hr by KCRC) - it's simple (but, for the latter, you will need a China visa).

I've written lots of suggestions for Hong Kong 'must sees' - please check the Zine archive. Am 'snowed under' with work at the moment and would prefer not to repeat but - don't hesitate to 'shout' if you have specific questions.

I look forward to meeting you in my adopted city.

Best regards, Judy in HK