Subject: Re: Agro-tourism
Hi Paul,

I just reread our article on Malvarina and relived that wonderful experience. The difference between an agritourism and a hotel is mainly about what the place is and the attitude of the people. Agritourisms are farms of varying sizes that have embraced the concept of hospitality. Think of a B&B, but better - usually guests can opt to join the family for meals, most times at a reasonable cost vis-a-vis the quality of the ingredients and the cooking expertise. The ambiance is casual and comfortable and, above all, genuinely friendly and welcoming.

You would have to write for current prices. Whatever we might have paid in 2001 would have no bearing on the cost today. I wouldn't even venture a guess.

Other members of TheTravelzine who have stayed at Malvarina may have more to add.

Cheers! Linda