Subject: Re: Budapest & Prague Restaurants
Hi Pat Albin of the Hudson Valley, NY

I have the following suggestions regarding your sesire to eat well in Prague/Budapest. You mention you will be going to Switzerland as well, and I am now leaving Switzerland, so these are my current set of sugestions. Can't help you with Budapest on account of the fact I haven't been there since '86 and I'll try to get hold of some my Prague notes for you soonish.

You don't specify where you are staying in Switzerland, but I am most familiar Zuerich (and surrounding areas) and base my opinions on that. If you are going to other areas of Switzerland (anwhere between Vaduz and Geneva) just drop me a mail and I'll look up some places in the database!

ZURICH ==== Santa Lucia: On Niederdorfstasse. Actually quite a large restaurant which appears much smaller from the outside. Does fine (and large) pizzas and pastas. Good value for money. It is not far from the Adler and on the same side, which was mentioned in a previous response to your posting.

Cantina: Also on Niederdorfstrasse and directly opposite the aforemention Hotel Adler. Ate there again yesterday evening AGAIN!! Expect to pay around 60 to 70CHF per head for 2 courses including wine and coffee. Very fine and superior quality food to the more expensive Adler.

Brasserie Lipp: Uraniastrasse - just off Banhofstrasse. Expect to pay over 110CHF per person for three courses including wine and coffee. The food is good quality - which you would expect for this price and the selection of wine is exclusivly and extensivly French, over 100 wines if I remember correctly. I can recomend the Nuit St George wine. Seafood a speciality.

If you are five days in Zuerich, I highly recomend that you visit Rapperswil ( ) It is accesible on the S5 and S7 trains from the Zuerich HauptBahnhof (HB or Main Station) You might want to try to go there anyway for a day trip. Visit for more information.

Restaurant Zueghauskeller. Address: Bahnhofstrass28B. Visited this popular restaurant for the second time on Friday night just gone. The business card reads "Built in 1847. The historic, ancient arsenal of Zuerich, now a typically Swiss restaurant. Menu available in English". Right now there is the seasonal menu of Game dishes, which I can recomend - vegetarian dishes also available including seasonal vegetarian dishes. International selection of beers, including Chimay, Schnieder Weisse and a selection of local beverages. Service was good. for more information. Meal for two came to 90CHF for two courses (main and desert) with coffee.

RAPPERSWIL === La Fuente: My favorite restaurant in Rapperswil, albeit one of the more pricey establishments. Markets itself as a Spanish plac, but is really more Portugese. I am informed that it has recently changed hands and the quality isn't quite was it used to be - am not spending every day at that end of the lake any more!!

The Roessli: Another favorite in an old cellar in the Hauptplatz (main sqare) Can be a bit cramped at times, but it usually just cozy. Good selection of good quality wines too.

Jakobs Bistrot: Popular bistrot on the ground floor of the Jakobs Hotel. Daily menus are usually good value and the food is of a good standard. Decent wine selection and a wine keller below too. See for more information.----

Mark Sukhija, en route from Zurich to London