Subject: Re: Portland, OR and San Diego

I think an afternoon is long enough to take a driving tour west of Portland. The Pacific Ocean is only about 75 miles away. One alternative would be to go west on highway 26 to Cannon Beach where you can see haystacks and seastacks, the huge rocks rising offshore. Meander leisurely south on US 101 to Tillamook stopping wherever the inspiration strikes you. Lots of scenic vistas. You can return to Portland via Highway 6 from Tillamook.

Another choice would be to walk up Saddle Mountain which is on the road to Cannon Beach about 65 miles west of Portland - It is only about 5 miles up and back, but the view from the top is stunning. I did this several years ago and it was one of the highlights of my trip.

There is equally memorable scenery east of Portland along the Columbia River and toward Mt Hood, but I have not done the drive myself so cannot offer specific suggestions. Regardless, I hope that you get outdoors and enjoy your time in Portland.

Cheers, Mark in Los Angeles