Subject: Re: Hamlet's Castle Kronberg in Denmark
G'day Ziners, especially Bettina,

I have been to Helsingor to see the castle, and can recommend it heartily if for no other reason than the old part of the town being a thriving fully-timbered Danish village, quite charming in itself. The castle is nothing spectacular (imho), as it is substantially not very old, though fairly big, and in pretty good repair. I am sure most of today's structure is much younger than Shakespeare. It is, however pretty photogenic, and located on a picturesque (and once-strategic) peninsular with views across to Helsinborg in Sweden.

Helsingor is a short train ride North of Copenhagen, something like 30 minutes, and only a couple of Euros, and the journey is pretty enough. on exiting the station you find the old town literally over the road, and the castle about 5-10 minutes walk distant. If you haven't finalised your accom. itinery, a night in the Hamlet Hotel (about 20yards from the station) would be nice - it is made up of two or three timbered ("Tudor") houses and shops inter- connected, and has a very worthwhile restaurant attached. From there one can wander about the streets of the old town and marvel at the still-occupied houses and still-utilised shopfronts.

Thats my peeny-worth, a bit late because I have been away exploring West Australia for a couple of weeks.

Paul, in not-yet-sunny Sydney