Subject: Re: 5 days in New York
Three Amigas, My first thought are to let you know that the area you are in is very busy by day and very quiet by night. It is in the Importer / fashion district with few if any nighttime attractions. If you head west ( towords 6th ave) you can go to Madison square garden on 7th ave. Is that where the concert is? From there you can walk uptown (north) 7th ave to the times square area and theatre district about 10 blocks or walk south ( downtown) to the village, about 20 blocks. 20 blocks is approx. 1 mile. If you go east to 5th ave there is a tiny park at 30th st and broadway that has a magnificent mechanical clock / statue where the figures ring a large bell with hammers. Most NY'ers dont even know its there. Right near the PATH station. From there head east to Madison ave and then south to the FLATIRON bldg. Nice park there to rest your feet Madison Square park ( no relation to madison square garden) Along Madison side of park are some wonderful old "skyscrapers" from 100 years ago.Then if you are hungry there is LIVE BAIT restaurant. Southern style food served by models ( both genders) looking to be discovered.

After lunch if you want to see how the other half lives, take the bus uptown on Madison ave above 72nd street. Get buzzed into some of the small shops where a sweater or scarf could easily cost hundreds of dollars or dresses in the thousands. Look at what a $5000 pair of shoes looks like. Also there are little chocholate places. It is a lovely area and when you get bored with that head west to Central Park for a stroll ( daytime only!!!) or take in the Met. Walk south along 5th towrds the Plaza Hotel seeing beautiful large apt buildings where the Woody Allens and Mike Wallaces of the world live. Or walk in the park for some quiet. The Plaza has a nice afternoon tea if you are so inclined. Or head east again on 60th street to just east of second ave . On the left side of the street is a place called SERENDIPITY. If you like sweets this is the place. Second to none. Like Alice in wonderland meets the Queen of Engalnd. From there you are right accross the street from Bloomies. If you go in on the 60th & 2nd ave entrance you will be met by dozens of women wanting to spray you with perfume or offering make up lessons. You can get all done up and all they want is you to buy the makeup they apply. By now you should be ready to rest at your hotel. Under Bloomies is the subway which you can take pretty close to your hotel without changing trains. 30th( 28th street stop) and bway. Day two go to lower Manhattan to see the area around the ferries. The Custom House, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island. Further north is Trinity Church, 400 years old and miraculosly missed by the WTC when it came down. Ground Zero is there if it is someting you want or need to see or stop and say a prayer. Then head east towords Water street and visit the South Street Seaport. If it is lunch time you will be AMAZED by the crush of humanity that fills the streets. You can walk north from there to see chinatown and NY's other Diamond district along Canal street. Then head north on Mott or Mulberry st. for Little Italy which will run right into SOHO and the Village on West B'way ( no connection to B'way) for more shopping.

Let me know if you need more info. David USA