Subject: Re: 5 days in New York
Nancy, Be not afraid. The subways in Manhattan are plenty safe all day long. Not to mention cabs are very expensive in NYC and get stuck in traffic and have really crappy drivers most of the time ( as an ex-cabbie this really steams me. I was an excellent cabbie) The subway from Bloomies to 28th and b'way will be crowded and crime will not be an issue. At night after the concert or dinner you should take a taxi, specially since your hotel is in a sort of quiet area at night. Quiet in NYC is not a good thing as it is in lets say Rome. After rush hour traffic lets up taxis will be faster although still expensive. The only time the subway is dangerous is late at night or out in the boonies. I rode subways for 20 plus years and was not robbed once and this was at all hours to deep Brooklyn. The subway to Astoria is safe as well if you want to go out for Greek food. Astoria is about 6 or 7 stops from your hotel without changing trains. I second the use of TimeOut Guide. It is my favorite for visiting cities when available also the NYC Access Guide is very, very helpful. Get metro card and take busses if subway is too much for you. Relize though that 2 million NY'ers a day ride subway.

If you write me PM I will send you a list of Pizza places that you will love. Shoes I cant help you. My shoes last me until they are falling apart and then I buy another $30 pair. Food I know!

Enjoy, David