Subject: Cotswold & York?
Hello Ziners! This is my first posting. In three weeks we will be leaving for our first trip to England. For the first week we will have a car. Our first stop is Nottingham for the Newark Antique Fair, after that we really have no definit plans. That is where you all come in! Is Bath a must see? or are there better sites in the Cotswold area? We hope to get up as far north as York before heading back down to London for a week before flying home (no car in London). We already have a place in London and know the sites, etc. we want to see, but I am trying to get a handle on the countryside part! We enjoy old homes/estates, more than ruins of castles. I have already picked up a British Heritage Pass. We really enjoy driving back roads and seeing little towns (I understand they have plenty of those, especially the small back roads!) Looking forward to suggestions.

Debra, Grants Pass, OR