Subject: Re: Montreal

Montreal is, as other Ziners have written, a compact city, and is quite safe. Please reassure your friend that walking around the downtown area at any time, day or night, is fine. A wonderful hotel is the Chateau Versailles on Sherbrooke Street West, within easy walking distance of the downtown core. Here's the site:

The Metro (subway) is fast and efficient and she can explore all the sites Montreal has to offer - Old Montreal, Mont Royal, Outrement, the Botanical Gardens in the eastern part of the city, the Expo 67 site, etc.

It would be a shame and a waste for her to spend 3 nights at an airport hotel, and pay for the transportation to and fro, without experiencing the ambience of Montreal. Most Montrealers speak English so she will feel quite comfortable while she is there. Please encourage her to stay in the city. She will have a great time. I grew up in Montreal, as other Ziners did, and visit regularly so if you would like to respond off-line, please do so.

Lucy, Toronto